HSRCA Looking for Minis for an All-Mini Race at the 2019 Summer Festival


2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Mini, and the HSRCA are planning birthday celebrations for the marque at their Summer Festival, which will host the first rounds of the 2020 HGNA series. The race meeting will be held over the 30th of November and 1st of December at Sydney Motorsport Park. and the club is looking for Minis to take part in an all-Mini event.

The HSRCA is planning an extra race for Minis at the meeting and is hoping to attract an all-Mini field to celebrate their 60th. If numbers are insufficient, this event may become a BMC challenge and include Sprites, MGs and others from this great marque.

We need an indication of interested entrants and I suggest you contact David Roberts as soon as possible to ensure we maximise the benefit of this offer. The offer is open to ALL Group N Mini drivers regardless of club affiliations. Dave will coordinate and update you on behalf of HGNA NSW.

Remember, we were able to put together 30 Minis at EC a couple of years back for an all Mini race, so we can do it!