Wrapping Up the 2019 Phillip Island Classic

The 30th Phillip Island Classic ran from Friday the 8th of March until Sunday the 10th. Suffice it to say that there was good clean racing in perfect weather (although the track was a little slow) and a fantastic effort by the Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria and the Victorian Historic Racing Register!

Starting grid at Wangaratta Parkview Motel on Wednesday.

Starting grid at Wangaratta Parkview Motel on Wednesday.

The entire meeting ran to time, with only one delay due to an entire circuit oil spill, including pit lane! The spill was cleared in an extremely impressive 35 minutes. Well done to the Phillip Island staff!

Spectator numbers at the event were a little down compared to my last visit, but there were many iconic cars brought out to race which was a lot of fun. My personal favourite was this Lola.


The Historic Group N Association’s Danny Berry, David Wheatley, David Roberts, Wayne Rogerson and Santino Di Carlo joined Billy Attard, Ed Gavin and Quentin Bland from NSW in a field of 36 under 3.0-litre historic touring cars. Billy Attard, Tony Gilfuis and Quentin Bland dominated the five ‘unders’ races.


In the over three-litre events, HGNA member Andrew Taite ran in the field of 36 starters. Dean Neville, Ben Wilkinson, Adam Walton and Andrew made up the numbers for the NSW contingent. The four ‘overs’ races were dominated by Paul Stubber, Aldo De Paoli and Dean Neville.

On the return trip I did a ‘Francis Meier’ on the trailer. Ever tried to buy a tyre in the middle of nowhere on a public holiday?

I now carry a trailer spare!

See you on the track soon,

Dave Roberts

Images thanks to Peter Jones & Syd Reinhardt