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September General Meeting

Tuesday, September 3 from 7:30PM.
Room 2, Sydney Motorsport Park



HGNA 2019 Round 5 at Sydney Master Blast featuring Muscle Car Masters

August 31 - September 1 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Entry Available now through Sydney Motorsport Park. Click here to enter.



What is Group N?

Group N cars are touring cars built from the ‘50s through to the end of 1972. We put these magic muscle cars on track to enjoy the pursuit of historic motorsport with a great community and share them with fellow fans.


Group Na

Na cars are the earliest Group N machines and include production touring cars that were commercially available in Australia up to the end of 1957.


Group Nb

Nb takes the age range up to 1964 and is for cars which were built and developed a competition history between 1957 and ’64.


Group Nc

The Nc category pushes the boundaries up to the end of 1972 with cars that competed in the Australian Touring Car Championship or races for third category Group C Improved Touring Cars.



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